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Dr. O’Brien is magical with his approach to making a person feel human again. He has been using his “Palmer method” helping people for many years but I have only had the benefit of his services for about 9 months. He has helped me significantly during that time. I have also visited three other chiropractors over the years and, while they were nice people, I don’t think that any of them had the extensive knowledge of the body that Dr. O’Brien shows. I highly recommend the good doctor!

Paul S.

I have been seeing Dr. O’Brien for over 20 years. He is an outstanding Chiropractor. He takes his time with his patients; he is very thorough and friendly.

John B.

Dr. O’Brien is as good as it gets. I have seen numerous chiropractors in my lifetime, and the majority of them have done me more harm than good. He has done more for me than all the chiropractors combined. Dr. O’Brien is a God-send. Since starting to see him, I am no longer in crippling pain. Not only is he great at his profession, but he actually cares about his patients, and his fees are very reasonable.

Marge D.